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How to Ice the “Hooray for Summer” Sunburst Cookie

Sweet Dani B's Summer Sunburst custom cookie
Summer Sunburst Cookie

I just enjoyed a “summer sunburst cookie” with a cup of my morning coffee and thought I’d share an easy how- to ice process for this great summer cookie idea. It’s such a sunny, simple cookie to make- they’d be great for plating up for the kids to snack on after camp or the beach, or package them like I did and pass them out as favors at a summer BBQ!

Bake a batch of your favorite sugar cookie dough and cut out round circle cookies (I used a 3 inch, fluted, circle cutter)…

SDB Sunburst cookie icing 1
Using your thin tip Sweet Dani B icing bottle, ice an X on your cookie. I used yellow royal icing but orange would be fun too- or a mix of both!
SDB Sunburst cookie icing 2
Turn your cookie and ice an X over that X…
SDB Sunburst cookie icing 3
Keep icing X’s until you have 8 lines drawn fully across the circle…
SDB Sunburst cookie icing 4
Next ice lines from the center point, half way or 3/4 way to the edge- these lengths can vary a bit so they look more “realistic”…
SDB Sunburst cookie icing 5
Add a M&M center and let them dry for 8 hours or overnight before packaging (I used organic M&M’s by they look a little different but are delicious!)

Happy baking & icing! Hooray for summer! Xo Dani

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