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Happy Happy Hour: A Martini & An Egg

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Mustachio Eggs
Oh hello! Is it Happy Hour already?

“Back in the day” it would not be unlikely to spot a bowl or wire egg holder filled with hard boiled eggs on the bar of your favorite local bar, tavern or gastropub. Really far “back in the day”, tavern owners used to put eggs on the bar to fulfill the rules of “serving food” in a liquor establishment. It’s a quaint little detail that became popular in NYC and surrounding areas years ago and I appreciated the ode to an old tradition. Recently, this tradition has seemingly ended (boo!) as the NYC Health Department has become a lot more strict.

A dirty vodka martini for me and a gin martini for KF
A dirty vodka martini for me and a gin martini for KF

In my own nod to the classics, I thought a martini and egg pairing would be delicious for Happy Hour. To make it a bit more “fancy” I hard boiled duck eggs and served them with truffle salt (both delish gourmet items available at Whole Foods).

Hope and egg
The duck egg is bigger, with a bigger yoke and tastes a bit richer than a regular egg

There are many many ways to make a martini. I prefer mine dirty with vodka while KF prefers his not dirty with gin. Neither of us care for vermouth (referred to as “bone dry”)- and we both like our martinis on the rocks even though that means missing out on the signature martini glass (actually after waitressing for several years in the 90’s, I grew to strongly dislike that glass).

Cheese stuffed olives
I left one with pimento and stuffed the other two with salata!

As an olive lover, I always look forward to eating my martini olives. Sometimes I stuff them with bleu cheese or ricotta salata for an extra bonus. I have tried many a green olive variation but in truth, a less expensive, less fancy olive makes for a better drink.

Bone Dry Dirty Martini with Stuffed Olives
• 2 oz. Vodka or Gin (Kettle One, Grey Goose, Hendrick’s, Sapphire)
• Good Ice (as in not from the ice trays that came with your fridge)
• Green Olives (with pimenta is fine if you like pimentos)
• 1/2 to 1 Tbsp Olive Brine (the best brine is from the jars of inexpensive olives, the more expensive the olives, the less salty the brine)

Pour vodka or gin over ice into a shaker or glass. Add brine to your desired level of dirtiness. If using a shaker, transfer and shake and add back into the glass. I like to “finish” my drink with an additional bit of fresh ice then garnish with speared stuffed olives. Serve on totally excellent mustache coasters as another great ode to the classics!

Cheers and Happy Happy Hour! Xo Dani

Spot stache
Are there any eggs left?

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  • Dani, what a great post! I loved it. I don’t drink much (very rarely) but putting together a small gathering of friends and serving them your Martini & Eggs would be so awesome! How do you come up with these fun things to do??? Thanks for posting and inspiring us!