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Sweets Documentation: Year 39

Dani B Candle blow out
I have almost everything I ever wished for so I wished for more of the same!

I’m back on the program- or technically, back on the app. Half way through my birthday week last week I gave up trying to enter food items into my Lose It weight loss/ maintenance app. By Thursday, when I sat down to dinner at Minetta Tavern it was confirmed that was the correct decision. After all, I’m guessing their Black Label Burger is definietly not listed as a food choice and I was concerned the dessert we had after the burger would have spontaneoulsy combusted my iphone. Anyway, I digress… let’s focus on the enjoyable part of the week and all the sweets I enjoyed…

We kicked off the week with a dinner with friends. My friend Kevin and I have back to back birthday dates so we celebrated together with our big group of friends at the delicious Italian restaurant Brioso. The appetizers and entrees were absolutely delicious… then came the dessert spread which was a combo of desserts from the resturant and baked goods from Janine and Kathleen- both excellent bakers!

Janine's Blue Cupcake
My first candle of the week in Janine’s vanilla cupcake- simple and so delicious
Table of desserts
This photo illustrates the dessert insanity that occured… I ran out of room for Brioso’s biscottis (a fave!) and Kathleen’s bunny cookies so I put them in a napkin and right in my bag, literally! (This always embarrasses KF)
Janine's Cupcakes to go
Janine also made peanut butter & jelly cupcakes- I don’t normally like jelly in desserts but these are amazing! Maybe she will share the recipe with us…

The next night we celebrated with my family at their favorite Italian restaurant, Divina. Do you sense a theme here?

Ladybug wine
“Lovebug Wine” I try not to be a sucker for wine labels but sometimes its difficult- I had to bring this bottle!
Dad's peppers at Divina
Technically not a “sweet” but Chef Mario greets my parents with a bowl of these Italian hot peppers to “munch on” while we peruse the menu. HOT and delish!
Divina's Pistachio Cake
Blowing out a candle on one of my favorites- Chef Mario’s pistachio cake… I have to get this recipe or find one like it. It’s so good!

I was hoping to take a break from the sweets for a few days but then was reminded that my friend Carrie from Goodiebox Bake Shop shares my birthday week!

Carrie's Rainbow Birthday Cake
GLORIOUS! Carrie was more than happy to share a huge slice of the rainbow birthday cake she made for herself, modeled after the famous Italian rainbow cookies… O.M.G!

I was really excited when Amanda volunteered to get us an actual birthday night reservation at Minetta Tavern for my and Kevin’s birthdays. Even though I had abandoned food tracking by then, in preperation for this dinner I ate cereal and yogurt with fruit all day…

Choc souffle Minetta
…and boy, did that pay off. The chocolate souffle at Minetta is heaven! It’s also huge!

On Saturday and Sunday I hosted back to back Spring and Easter Cookie Decorating workshops (more on that to follow) so we took it easy and had quiet dinners at home. BUT I did end the week with one final sweet… Lots of people ask me, “Do you still enjoy eating your cookies?” The answer is Yes! Of coarse! They make me happy in so many ways… I brought this cookie back from the workshop. It was my first demo of day on Sunday. Nothing too fancy, no where near perfect, (actually a little burnt on the edges) but no matter… It was sweet and delicous, just like my birthday week!

SDB flower cookie
A SDB “fun flower” cookie with a glass of cabernet

Thank you for the wonderful birthday sweets and wishes! Here’s to another amazing year… Life IS Sweet!     Xo Dani




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