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Sweet Style Saturdays: Wearing Pajamas in Public

As we walked through the Thursday night jam packed bar, down the staircase, into the restaurant, she glanced back at me and said “I like your pants… Are they, um, silk?”

I was relieved someone finally said something! (Thank you, lovely hostess at Rare!) I had seen some heads turning on the subway and noticed a few double takes as I walked down 6th Avenue… I was bursting to acknowledge that I was intentionally wearing pajama pants in public!

DBF pj pant with spot hope
Spot Fiori: "Wait- are you going out or are we going to bed?"

Ahhhh “the pajama trend” for Spring… So interesting. So strange. So comfy! I wasn’t planning on buying into this trend until I saw these black and white striped pants in H&M and felt compelled to purchase them without even trying them on. This past Thursday morning, KF saw them laying “on deck” on the step stool outside of my closet and asked if I ‘had joined the circus’.

‘No,’ I said, ‘I am trying out the pajama trend for Spring!’ (Rest of conversation: ‘Can’t we just go to dinner like normal people?!’)

DBF pj pant shot 26 street
Silly or stylish? Pajama pants on 6th Avenue...

This is one of the more “interesting” trends for this Spring. Some are going “full on pajama” as in matching PJ top with matching PJ pant. Others are even wearing belted satin robes! I opted for the H&M pants + basic black knit dolman sweater. I have seen this look worn with colorful flats but I think looks best if your shoes just kind of “go away” so I opted for a black wedge and let  the pants graze the floor… then the street and sidewalk then Madison Square Garden where we saw the Michael Jackson Immortal cirque du soleil show.

SDB MJ glove decorative cookie at Rare
Of coarse I couldn't go see Michael Jackson without bringing a cookie glove prop!

I mean it kind if fit that I wore PJ pants there right? I think Michael would have loved them…

Happy Saturday!  Xo Dani

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