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Spring Sprung then We Hippity Hopped! Behind the Scenes at Our Latest Cookie Decorating Workshops

Where has the time gone this week? In preparation for Easter, I helped my Aunt Del make the famous pizzagaina and the sweet Easter pie. Previously, I had only been involved in the eating process of these famous Easter treats so I was very excited to learn how to make them. Each took one full afternoon but I am so excited to try the fruits of our labor… As a rule have to wait till Saturday. I’ll keep you posted and will be sharing the recipes.

Last Saturday and Sunday I was excited to host four back to back cookie icing workshops at Urban Arts… “Spring Has Sprung” and “Hippity Hop” were our themes. Everybody had a wonderful time and, as usual, while I was there to instruct and inspire, these “expert icers” ended up inspiring me as well…

Group 1 gathers for demo
Cookie flowers, bees and butterflies were on the list for our Spring Has Sprung Workshop


Group 1 bee2
There were some very talented icers in this group- When I looked back at the photos, I this was my demo bee!


Group 1 Patricia
Patricia, an already experienced cookier, was pleased with the results of icing using my Expert Icing Bottle Kit instead of piping bags. Her cookies were fabulous!


Group 1 Linda with carrier
Linda brought along this fabulous transformable cake/ cupcake carrier by Wilton to carry her amazingly iced cookies home in


Group 2 Easter demo
The Hippity Hop Group gathers around for my sheep demo- In this class we iced the fluted egg, the sheep and the bunny in egg


Group 2 Cameron
Cameron had a vision of using green icing on her egg cookie but we didn't have it- so she mixed it herself! Somebody has been studying the color wheel!


Group 2 Sara and Liam
Sara and Liam did beautiful work icing their cookies


Group 2 Eleana
Eleana shows us her amazing cookie work! (Do they make those sneakers in my size?)


Group 2 Hartshorns final cookies
The Hartshorns are an adorable and super artistic family- amazing work!


Group 3 Abby and Stacey
On Sunday afternoon, we were back to Spring Has Sprung... Abby and her Mom did amazing work on their bees


Group 3 Bella with sketches
Bella, a repeat expert icer, takes time on her cookie sketches before icing- love that!


Group 3 Buzz and Flowers
I loved seeing everyones flowers and bees drying together- it was like a cookie garden!


Group 3 besties and their cookies
Amazing bestie icing work!


Group 3 adorable cookies to go
That was fun!


Group 3 Ryan final cookies
Ryan left no candy unturned while decorating, I predicted his cookies would be extra delish!


Group 3 Denise Carol Megan Liz
I was touched to learn that Denise, Carol, Megan and Liz drove 2 hours to attend our workshop!


Group 3 scooter arrival
Evie parked her scooter outside the door while she iced cookies, then rode it out!


Group 4 icing bunny w sugar
Fun with sanding sugar at the second Hippity Hop workshop- that's a bunny in egg under there!


Group 4 sheep w heart mouth
The sheep got treated to a candy heart mouth in this workshop- LOVE it!


Group 4 Natalie and Meredith
Meredith (who I was excited to learn is also a RISD alum) and Natalie attended both workshops and did amazing, artistic work!


Group 4 amazing Easter finals
The Easter Bunny is going to be very pleased with these cookies!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Spring and Easter Workshops! It was wonderful to meet you all and I hope you are enjoying your cookie creations! For more behind the scenes photos from our cookie workshops visit our Flickr page!

Coming soon… new cookie workshops! Stay tuned- Life is Sweet! Xo Dani






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