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“Oh, Gravity is working against me… and gravity wants to bring me down…” – John Mayer 

Cuppies in Box

The most delicious cupcakes by my "Sweets Table" partner, Carrie of Goodiebox Bake Shop

In the 8 or so years I have been in the Sweet Dani B business, I have never dropped anything major.

Until yesterday.

I was loading my car for a Sweets Table photo shoot and was kind of rushing -but nothing too crazy- I have certainly rushed more… before I knew it a very large box of wedding cupcakes was teetering in my hand and then was suddenly on the floor of my studio.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I thought but instead was silent and stunned. Panic set in, my hands began to shake and I sat down on the floor next to the box. ‘How did this happen!? In all my years…’

I looked at my watch and I was still “on schedule”. Luckily, the box remained intact and the cupcakes were still contained within the box. I took a deep breath, picked myself up, and got to the business of fixing them which came together thanks to years of working with food stylists as well as years of staring at cupcakes with heart bubble eyes before eating them.

Disaster averted thanks to important lessons learned along the way…

1. Always give yourself plenty of time to set up. (I schedule 2 to 3 hours of set up time depending on the job. I also consider padding for traffic en route.)

2. Always bake a few extra and have extra supplies on hand. Always. (This peace of mind is well worth the work of doing extras.)

3. Walk Kansas Encouragement: It may sound crazy but I think of this specific tune and clip to “restart”. (watch this one too)

Take that, gravity!  Look for my post on our latest Sweets Table coming soon… Xo Dani

P.S. I know I’m not alone! I’d love to hear your stories of gravity working against you… Please discuss!