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Cookie Doodle Do!

We were a smaller group for Easter this year so my family elected to go out for dinner and have dessert back at my parents house. As much as I love dyeing Easter eggs with my family, it’s definitely a more involved, messy craft so I came up with a neater solution for decorating… Easter egg cookie doodling!

Sweet Dani B Fluted Egg Cookie for Doodling
The SDB Fluted Egg Cookie is the perfect size for lots of doodling

I iced each person a white flat, unadorned fluted egg cookie and packaged them in boxes filled with a bit of Easter candy for snacking and an Americolor food decorating pen for doodling. I love the Americolor pens because the “ink” is intense and they work great on my royal icing. I only wished I had a full set of all the colors… Even with just the black pens, though, our results were great!

SDB cookie egg frame
I began by doodling a frame around my cookie- which made me this this is a great project for any occasion- not just Easter!
KF doodled a SWEET Easter scene
KF doodled a SWEET Easter scene...


Chris doodled Egg
...and so did his Brother, Chris. I love his stick figure art!


Mom's stained glass doodle
My Mom doodled her signature "floral stained glass" egg- beautiful! (Note: her self portrait egg from last year is styled into this shot)


Phyllis Egg Doodle
...while KF's Mom doodled one of our dinner "hot topics"- so hilarious!

This is a simple, neat, cookie decorating idea that is great for a group. Packed up, the boxes were easily portable and looked great at each person’s plate. You can even take this project a step further by adding names to each box and making them place cards for each person.

Sweet Dani B Owl sketch decorative cookie
Whooo wouldn't love to doodle on a cookie?

I hope this inspires you to Cookie Doodle Do!  Xo Dani

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