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Words of Wisdom: Year 39

Every year on our birthdays, my Mom asks the birthday boy or girl to share their “words of wisdom” with everyone…

Believe it or not I used to be a picky eater- like really picky. You can imagine how frustrating this was for my Italian family when I was growing up…

“If you don’t try how do you know you don’t like it??” my Aunt Del used to say with total frustration in her voice. I’m sure at the time, the table was covered with her and my Grandmother’s homemade Italian delicacies that “would make your eyeballs fall out” (another popular Italian family phrase).

One day, you will look back at broccoli,”  my Mom used to say, “and you’ll think to yourself… ‘look at all the years I missed eating this!’ and you’ll be sorry!”

DBF Menu Polaroid Collage

It’s hard to say when I made the complete 180 from picky eater to full on foodie but it’s safe to say KF had a big part in my trying of new things. These days he often jokes that he can never compete with my love of appetizers, often feels ignored when a menu is in front of me and makes it his business to stress to our waiter or waitress that I like my steak rare- really rare- so he can enjoy his meal too.

The above photo collage was my birthday card from KF this year. Sometime last year, Keith started documenting me with menus and at other food related moments in my life and made me this amazing collage. While its a lot of me to look at, each and every photo makes me happy and brings me back to a moment in time- that exciting moment when you sit down at the table with the people you love, (or just by yourself) and are happy, excited, and ready to eat! I love it.

My New Years resolution this year was to “take bigger bites”. Literally and figuratively. Life isn’t going to just hand you the things you want- You have to step up and “order it“. As of 3/29/12, I’m doing pretty well with this resolution and I plan to keep it up.

Tonight, I will take a literal “big bite” out of one of the “12 Most Epic Steaks in NYC”. I sure hope I can order a side of broccoli with it… After all, I have all those years to make up for!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Cheers & All good things!  Xoxo Dani

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