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Sweet Style Saturdays: Cookie Jewelry

Ooooo Ahhhhh... It's a necklace and it's a cookie!

It’s no secret that I adore jewelry… Necklaces, earrings, brooches… Wearing an oversized ring on my pointer finger has become a signature for me and I have lots of fun ring critters that fit the bill. I have also shared that my inspiration for my owl cookies was from an owl necklace that I was gifted.

Cookie jewelry has been the buzz as of late. The amazing Julia Usher dedicated several pages in her amazing “Ultimate Cookie” book to cookie jewelry and it is absolutely incredible. Around Valentines day the Kitchn’s “love sugar cookies” blog post was making the rounds and I thought “how adorable!” The final “piece” to my cookie inspiration “puzzle”? Seeing Mariah Carey in person wearing her signature butterfly ring at her comeback performance at the  Total Rewards concert. All this inspiration got me thinking… my “Critter Cookies”would make fabulous cookie jewelry!  I wanted to keep it fairly simple so I thought cookie “pendants” of a Butterfly, a Lovebug and Dragonfly would be a great place to start.

SDB-baking-butterfly cookie-w-hole
I used a drink straw to punch a small hole in each cookie
I used black, and white icing on the butterflies and enhanced them with dragées and candy beads

I also experimented with using colorful icing but in the end, the jewelry that looked most gem and jewel like was iced using gem tones (silver, gold, black) and candy beads in matching shades.

Disco dust adds some extra sparkle as does varying sizes and shades of dragée and candy beads
At first I tried a short piece of grosgrain ribbon as the necklace but realized longer was the more stylish way to go with the bigger cookies

So, after stringing the butterflies and dragonflies on long strands and the lovebugs on thin elastic gold cord, I packed them up and brought them to a night out with the girls…

Kir snatched up the one blue dragonfly I brought with, while Mary loved this b&w butterfly
Fran accented her adorable owl blouse with a Lovebug cookie and Hosanna selected my favorite dragonfly. Fran kept saying how delicious her necklace smelled!
Kait-Me cookie jewelry
I could not believe how amazingly well my favorite butterfly matched with Kait's gorgeous Ann Taylor top!

Cookie jewelry success! We had so much fun wearing it… but wearing cookie jewelry does beg the question… “what do you do with it when you are done wearing it?

Kir couldn't wait and enjoyed her cookie while we walked to dinner!
SDB Cookie-Jewelry-Dragonfly-and milk
While I enjoyed this dragonfly with a glass of milk the next day!

I think SDB Cookie Jewelry is the perfect gift for Mom this year! Coming soon “my line” of cookie jewelry critter cookie cutters (we hope to debut them shortly after Easter) and how to ice videos. Of coarse I will also make cookie jewelry pieces “to order”.

Cookie Jewelry for Mom? Yes please!

What a fun, fabulous, fashionable way to join in the cookie fun! Happy Saturday! Life is Sweet!  Xo Dani

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