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Sweet Style Saturdays: Cookie Chanel

Social Media is tricky… I noticed last week that I lost 3 “Likes” on my SweetDaniB Facebook page. Did I post too much? Did I post too little? Do people want to play games? Take polls? Am I too repetitive? Do they not want a free cookbook?!? While obsessing over this I had a wise thought: maybe “it is them, not me”.

That said , I did notice that I have been talking a lot about SDB Owl cookies lately and while this fantastic feathered friend will always be a fave, maybe our owl needs a little break from the spotlight. No one wants to be overexposed after all!

SDB Owl custom cookies the Meal
I staged my photo for The Meal (for Art house Co-op) using (whoo else) SDB Owls and my usual lunch

I could not pass up mentioning Owl cookies for one last time (for a while) here though. After checking out Chanel’s 2012 Runway show, I could not help but be excited over how much the show reminded me of my fashion owls.

SDB Fashion Owl Cookies
A birthday gift box of Fashion Owls

You see, the fashion owls were inspired by Chanel, the fashion house of untouchable style, fame and reputation. Karl Lagerfeld is a quirky, eccentric, at times- outspoken, design genius and has been highlighting Chanel’s signature black and white for years and years…  BUT this year he added some more notable, deep, dramatic color and as I was going thru the photos… feathers (lots!)!

Chanel FALL 2012 RTW Runway (photos courtesy of Elle)

And is it me or do the the models look a bit owlish?

Be-jeweled Eyebrows at Chanel FALL 2012 RTW

So if you need a break from the SDB Owl, I totally understand. We have our fabulous cookies for Spring to look forward to after all (debuting on our cookie cutter page this week)! But in the case you are inspired by this fabulous fashion and cookie interrelationship, click here to download the Sweet Dani B fashion owl cookie template (Whoot Whoot!)- and get icing!

Happy Sunday “fun day”!  Xo Dani


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