Corn Muffins, Hoecakes, and Another Great Give Away!

Seven Stars Cookbook
Me trying to sneak a corn muffin

There is no sneaking a corn muffin in this house!

I have never met a corn muffin I didn’t like… Talk about “sweet opposites”! Corn muffins are vastly different than cookies covered in royal icing, candy and sugar but I love them for their texture, their half sweetness and total corn-ni-ness. I especially like corn muffins that include fresh corn kernels so I was super excited to try Bradley Ogden‘s Corn Muffins from the Seven Stars Cookbook.

Corn muffin batter

This corn muffin batter was so delicious I probably ate a whole muffin's worth!

This recipe calls for blue corn flour which was a twist that I loved the idea of but I could not find it anywhere so I used yellow corn flour instead. Still delicious! Those lumps you see in my batter photo? Corn kernels- yes!

Corn Muffin in Pan

Deflated muffins! Boo!

I guess I won’t be quitting my day job to become a muffin maker any time soon… While these muffins were delicious, they looked not even close to the idea of my ultimate muffin (which is a cross between the corn muffin at Au Bon Pain and NYC coffee cart muffin)! I feel like every time I have ever attempted muffin baking I never ever get that perfect, overflowing, tall muffin top which is a statement I wish I could make about other muffin top achievements. 🙂

Spot smells Corn Muffin

Smells scrumptious to me!

I had much better luck with Paula Deen’s Hoecake recipe. My love of corn muffins trickles down to corn bread love and hoecakes are essentially corn pancakes! Mmmmmm!

Hoecake Close Up

This recipe also called for fresh corn kernels- YUM!

What I love about hoecakes, is that they can be served as sweet or savory, so I tested this recipe in the hopes that it would be a great appetizer for Easter or a Spring Craft Brunch!

Hoecakes with Crab Dip

Success! Paula Deen's hoecakes topped with warm crab dip= delicious!

Seven Stars CookbookWhat is great about a good cookbook is the recipe inspiration and this cookbook is filled with it!

Thanks to Total Rewards, I have two more of the Seven Stars Cookbooks to give away! Here are the rules and regulations…

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