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Margarita mixing

cookbook inspiration
I love a good cookbook. My collection is eclectic to say the least. It’s heavy on sweets, hearty on Martha and instead of the classics, the things that grab me to make a cookbook purchase are some of the quirkier aspects… like the funny and fun, vintage styling in Baked Explorations or the amazing and adorable sketches in Kitchen Scraps.

The Seven Stars CookbookI was really excited when Total Rewards sent me the Seven Stars Cookbook to “test” and give away. Its a gorgeous coffee table style cookbook thats filled with recipes from the best and the brightest of Harrah’s Entertainment’s top chefs- Bobby Flay, John Besh, and Guy Savoy to name just a few. It also offers tips from hosting parties, to setting up a bar, to how to select the perfect cut of meat.

VooDoo Steak ingredients

While I’m always up for new and exciting adventures in the kitchen, adventures isn’t what I ended up my first go around with this book. Instead, I was intruiged to try a “real” steakhouse preparation of ribeye steaks from the famed VooDoo Steak & Lounge in Vegas. I had heard but never actually realized how much butter is used in steakhouses but that is really what sets this recipe apart from my every day preparation- that and bacon in the potatoes! (I spent an additional 20 minutes on the spin bike the next morning)

Fingerlings w bacon

Next time I make this recipe I will add the bacon 1/3 way thru cooking... some pieces were a little too crisp

Margarita Queen at the High Rollers Bar

I'm baaaack! (This margarita is delicious!)

The Margarita Queen was happy to make a comeback to sample The Tahoe Wabo margarita from the famed Cabo Wabo Cantina in Lake Tahoe. This recipe is from a section of the book titled “High Rollers’ Bar”. (Awesome!) I’m guessing, like us, many people have that 3/4  full bottle of Chambord in their bar cabinet. The Chambord splash adds a nice black raspberry kick! Yum!

This recipe calls for “sweet and sour mix”. As mentioned in previous dedicated posts to margaritas, I always mix my own fresh juice “sour mix”. In this case I squeezed a few limes and mixed it with agave and saved the leftover mix in the fridge.

Margarita mixing

Use a whisk to help you incorporate the agave (which is thick and syrup like) into the juice

Fabulous news! Thanks to Total Rewards, I have two of the Seven Stars Cookbooks to give away! Here are the rules and regulations…

Total Rewards/ Sweet Dani B Cookbook Giveaway: Share Your Foodie “JUICE” with “the JUICE”!

In the comment section of this post, please tell us about the best steak you ever had (details please! who made it and where it was from would also be fun to know)… OR what is your favorite margarita? Where is it from? Is it a flavor? Frozen or on the rocks? Is it a Margarita Queen recipe perhaps? Hmmm?

Since we will be giving 1 cookbook to 2 different people, you are welcome to share your thoughts on both topics but please comment only once.

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I think that covers it! Boy, I am hungry… Now, what’s for lunch?  Xo Dani