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10 Tips: A Party Fit for a Princess

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Any time of year is the perfect time for a Princess Party… but with the weather warming up and the sun shining, throwing a party with a Princess theme seems even sweeter! Here are 10 easy tips for throwing the perfect party for your favorite Princess…

Sweet-Dani-B-Princess-Party Invite
Glitter is always the key to making invitations look extra magical!

1. Start with a fun and fabulous Princess invitation! To set the mood,  include “Princess attire welcome!” on your invitation. You will be delighted and amazed by everyone’s princess attire! This invite is available to custom order via Sweetdanib.com with matching Thank You cards. Sweet!


2. Greet guests with a “Princess Prop”… We found these fun glow favors at Target! Girls got glow wands and boys got glow swords. Excitement followed by wand and sword waving made for great photo opps!

Focusing on 2 colors of pink plus white made decorating a snap!

3. Choose and decorate with a color palette… decoration does not have to cost a fortune! If you stick with one to three colors, the impact will be greater. We went with pink disposable tablecloths, pink and pink balloons and snack holders in hot pink. We upped the decoration ante here by also decorating with the first activity. Speaking of which…

A long piece of tulle + paper party hat= Perfect Princess Party Hat!

4. Keep them busy! We got the party started with a simple, fun Princess Party hat craft. (Note: this hat “happens” to match the one seen on our invite). After adding tulle, everyone customized their own hats using foam stickers, markers and paper punches. This is an idea that can easily be incorporated into any party and it’s extra fun because the kids can wear it throughout.

Don't go too crazy trying to find an exact match of your piñata to the theme- they don't stick around for long anyway!

5. Piñatas! This is such an easy thing to set up, and a great activity for the kids. It also provides time for you to reset your craft table and set up lunch! To further personalize, have the kids decorate lunch bags with markers and princess related stickers to collect their piñatas booty in. Watch candy frenzy ensue.

Time for lunch!

6. Keep lunch simple… I have never heard of anyone being upset that pizza is on the menu! Adults also enjoyed a delicious salad which was served on the side.

Sweet-Dani-B-Cookie decorating-detail
Next activity? Cookie decorating!

7. Cookie Decorating Activity: At this Princess Party, I demoed 3 princess related cookies for the kids to decorate using my expert icing bottles. The kids loved it, Moms jumped in, candy was everywhere (on table, on cookies, in mouths)! Cookie decorating is another great party activity and also adds to the fabulous take home! There are so many cookie shapes out there- this is a great activity to match any party theme!

Princess Shannon quickly became an "expert icer"!
Sweet-Dani-B-Diana-decorates cookies
This lovely Mom had to give cookie icing a try!
Sweet-Dani-B-Princess-Sweets Table
Did somebody say SWEETS?

8. Sweets Tables are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to style… A beautiful dessert table adds to the decor and sets the stage for a the perfect Happy Birthday “finale”. We added mini cupcakes for the kids since they are adorable, are 2 bite sized and are great for quick access. (Only the adults were patient enough for us to slice the cake!) I always like to include a cookie on my sweets tables as well- for a milk and cookie pairing. These simple chocolate hearts cookie were just the thing.

Sing it loud and proud I always say! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS LUCIA...

9. The “Birthday Finale”= The CAKE (of course)! We ordered a fairly inexpensive plain cake and I made extra favor cookies (see #10) to top it. This simple touch took the cake to another level and fit right in with our theme. After the Princess blew out her candles, the kids were literally grabbing at the toppers!

The cake awaits slicing while mini cupcake madness ensues...

10. Fabulous Favors! The good news was there was a “cookie topper” for everyone in the form of cookie favors- girls got princesses boys went home with adorable frog princes…

Lovely and delicious Princess Cookies by Sweet Dani B
I adored the way these lovely Princess Lucia Cookies turned out...
Sweet-Dani-B-custom frog-prince-cokies
...but it was the the Frog Prince cookies that stole my heart... (I guess that is the point)!

For more amazing photos from our Princess Craft & Cookie Party, visit our Flickr page… I hope this party inspires you and your Princesses! Happy Princess Party throwing!  Xo Dani


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