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Peek a boo!

I’ve definitely had the mushroom inspiration “bug” for a while. Aside from being a huge foodie fan of mushrooms (shiitakes are my fave) in the past few years, toadstool mushrooms have been popping up all around me…


Me on the set of Martha's Halloween 09 'Wild Things' show sitting on a Toadstool stool crafted by Kristin St. Clair


Mushroom cookies popping up with my Gnome Cookies on set at Martha

Around the holidays, I was so excited to find these adorable mushroom ornaments with wire spikes in the flower district one day and I just had to buy a box. As a craft hoarder I’m lucky to have a space to keep all my craft materials and these items pretty much magically found eachother just in time to make KF a totally excellent “Terrarium Valentine”.


I used Martha Stewart craft gel glue and both coarse and tinsel glitter to make the mushrooms shimmer

While my crafty ‘shrooms were drying, I cleaned out an antique ball jar (which I collect) and filled it 3/4 full with a combination of potting soil and horticultural charcoal.

SDB Terrarium Soil

Note: if you don't use the charcoal, mold will eventually grow in your terrarium!


Next, I added reindeer moss- I love the bright green color of it!


I used a wooden spoon to press down the moss, then added my "We Are Magic" sign


I added a bit of tinsel to the lid for some extra sparkle!

I am so happy with the way my toadstool mushroom terrarium Valentine turned out! KF loved it and the reindeer moss does not require any special care. The sign has weathered a bit due to the moisture, but I love the way it looks (plus I can always replace the sign when needed). This would be a really fun project to do with your kiddies or with friends and family at a Craft Brunch not to mention, your Gnomes and Gnomis will love it!

Happy Crafting!  Xo Dani

P.S. Look for our March Gnome & Gnomi how to coming soon!