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The Margarita Queen's Fave Winter Flavor

SDB Winter Margarita Queen
She's baaaaaack... Get your winter margarita fix here!

In most cases a cookie decorated to imitate a food item usually tastes better than actual food item.

Sweet Dani B decorative cookie watermelon
IE: While watermelon is super delicious, it can not compete with the deliciousness of this "funky fresh" watermelon cookie

In this case, however, said foodie item might actually be more delicious than its cookie counterpart… and that is my new favorite cocktail, the Ginger Margarita.

SDB Marg Queen with margs
For your consideration, the Ginger Margarita...

It was love at first sip when this self proclaimed Margarita Queen first tried the Ginger Margarita at ABC Kitchen. This fresh juice margarita says “winter” while still retaining all margarita deliciousness. I took to the web immediately and tracked down the recipe… (ABC kitchen is a Jean Georges restaurant, and as it turns out, he shared the recipe on the Martha show last March!)

First you will need to make the Ginger Lime Base (essentially a ginger simple syrup). Here’s a walk thru of the highlights…

Ginger Margarita ginger, sugar and lime juice
Here's my sliced ginger, sugar and lime juice about to boil- it already looks yum! It takes on a pink hue when ready
chopped ginger
Strain the syrup into a heat proof jar or glass to cool, then chop the ginger in a food processor
ginger lime syrup
I love the pink hue of the ginger lime syrup (perfect for Love Day!)
Dried Ginger
The dried ginger turns a beautiful salmony pink color too!
chopped dried ginger
After drying the ginger in the oven, put it back in the food processor to pulverize. Mix the chopped dried ginger with equal amount of kosher salt. There will be plenty- YUM!

I did make a slight “to taste” adjustment… This margarita tasted sweeter than I remembered so I squeezed 1/2 a lime directly into my glass while my guests enjoyed it as is. They also enjoyed the pairing of individual guacamole “boats” with this cocktail (a hallowed out avocado half is perfect for individual servings) … This yummy combination of salty, spicy and sweet is sooooo good!

Homemade Guacamole with red hot a blue organic chips
Homemade Guacamole with red hot a blue organic chips

KF and I will be having this perfect pairing as a snack for romantic movie watching on Love Day! Don’t forget the cookies for dessert!

SDB Margarita Custom Cookie
Is the cookie or drink more delicious? You be the judge!

Cheers to another great margarita recipe!  Xo Dani

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