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Spreading the Love… A Valentine Cookie Workshop

Several years ago I had a very (very) small studio space in the Monroe Center of the Arts, located on Monroe Street in Hoboken, NJ. The Monroe Center is a city block sized warehouse style building that for years has been home to art related businesses. When the cookie portion of my business took off, I had to find a studio with a kitchen and the Monroe Center was not an option. I was sad to leave because I especially loved the community feeling of working amongst other artists at the Monroe Center.

Patti and Justine, founders of Urban Arts at Monroe Center
Patti and Justine, founders of Urban Arts at Monroe Center

It’s funny how life circles you back sometimes… Early this year I was so happy to be introduced to two local artists, Patti Morale and Justine Uva, who own a beautiful studio space in the Monroe Center called “Urban Arts“. Patti and Justine were looking for ways to expand their students’ horizons in art and thought my cookie workshops might be a good fit. When Justine said “We do what we love and we love what we do” I knew I had found the perfect place!

Sweet Dani B’s “Sweets for My Sweet” Cookie Icing Students hard at work

Our first workshop “Sweets for My Sweet” was held this past Sunday, in two sessions. Classes filled up quickly and it was a wonderful balance of Urban Arts students mixed in with some amazing Sweet Dani B “friends ‘n’ fans” (thank you!)- a few, who I was so touched and flattered to find out, drove from Boston and Rhode Island to attend (Wow! Thank you!). This eclectic mix of excited cookie icers ran the gamut from “Mommies and Me” (girls and boys, and all ages of Moms and their kids), to groups of girlfriends, to 11 year old B.F.F’s, to a sweetheart Valentine date, to a family day out… I truly loved seeing everyone come together to share a few hours with us doing what we love…

Daughter and Mom Expert Icers, Diaz and Kelly sketch out their cookie ideas before icing
Our Valentine Candy Bar ready to go
Agastya and Devika working on their heart cookie
Agastya and Devika working on their heart cookie
“Art BFFs” (and Urban Arts students) Maxine & Caroline did an amazing job icing their cookies
Showing off one of my favorite “moves” the cookie cookie shake
This little sweetie was all business when icing her cookies! She did a great job! (Love her shirt!)
(More adorable style!) Isabella and her Mom had a great time bringing Isabella’s amazing    cookie sketches to life
Not only are these cookies adorable, I am sure they were delicious covered in Valentine candy!
This expert icer had a great time icing cookies with her family who all attended together- sweet!
Speaking of sweet, these “sweethearts” came to our workshop as their Valentine date-    now that’s my kind of outing! 
Amazingly iced cookies packed up and heading back to Providence, RI…
…along with Expert Icers Dana, Alli, and Helene! What a SWEET visit!

Nine batches of icing and one hundred and twenty cookies later, we called it a day on “Sweets for my Sweet”. It was a wonderful day “doing what I love and loving what I do” and sharing that with all the Expert Icers who attended. Thanks to Justine & Patti for welcoming me back to the Monroe Center… I can hardly wait for our next cookie workshop (March 31st and April 1st)!  Hope you can join us- details coming soon!

Xoxo Dani

We “HEART” cookie icing!

For more photos from our cookie workshop, check out Dani’s Flickr page! Email us with your photos from the event at  to add to this album! SWEET!

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