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Oscar Owls… A “Wise” Solution!

“I’d like to thank the Academy for taking all the fun out of my Ocsar party dessert buffet.”  -Dani 

SDB Owl Custom cookie Red Carpet
No autographs please!

Well, maybe not all the fun… I was surprised to find out this year that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned and really cracked down on any reproduction of its trademarked materials. I discovered this fact when I wanted to make an Oscar statue cookie cupcake topper, and it was impossible to find a cookie cutter. It took a bit of time for me to come up with a “wise solution” but eventually it dawned on me! Instead of stiff statue cookies I turned to the fun and fabulous Sweet Dani B Owl! After icing, I topped them with gold coarse sanding sugar, gold candy bead feet and filled in their signature curious eyes with brown royal icing. Voilà! Here’s a cute and delicious cookie that is red carpet ready for Sunday!

Sweet Dani B Custom Oscar Owl Cookies Serving idea
For your consideration, the Sweet Dani B Oscar Owl Cookie! (roaring applause)

I always set up movie parties in a pretty casual way, so I love the idea of placing these guys placed on parchment paper and writing in Oscar questions around them. If you are having a sit down dinner, here’s a cute idea for a place setting…

SDB Owl Decorative Cookie Oscar Place Setting
You can easily write each person's name down the side here or add a cute place card tent to the plate

Take that! Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences! In my opinion, its a little over the top to ban Oscar cookie cutters, but I ended up appreciating the challenge… My Oscar Owls feel like winners already!

Happy Oscars! Go Uggie!  Xo Dani

PS. I’ll be selling my Oscar Owls, my Sweet Dani B Expert Icing Kit and many other delicious items this Sunday, February 26th from 1:00 to 4 p.m. at Urban Arts, Suite E206 in Monroe Center in Hoboken! Stop by and see us!

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