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An Ode to Red

Did you know that taking one look at the color red is said to stimulate enthusiasm and make one’s heart beat faster?

Sweet Dani B Sketchbook Project Heartstrings
The center pages of my Sketchbook Project 2010 book is "Heartstrings"... I collaged red tape, newspaper and copper wire together... I was happy the way it came together but it was really fragile so I wrote the "handle with care" before I realized the irony. Corny but true!

One might be surprised to hear that my favorite color is not the bright salmony pink you see all over my website. While my love for pink runs deep, my “true blue”‘ favorite color is its a less watered down predecessor… the color of “love bugs”, the first color in the rainbow, what “the lady is in…”, the color of love… This primary “power color” is the summation of bold, and the definition of pop! Here are a few of my favorite instances…

SDB Red Icing and Expert Icing Kit Bottles
Bright Red Royal Icing

In the world of decorative cookies, red icing is one of the more difficult colors to mix. I will never forget our first order of red flower cookie favors… The red dye never seemed to take, so we added and added and added… then once we got the red hue we wanted, the cookies wouldn’t dry! I knew red icing and I were going to have to “get to know eachother” so, with practice, over time I finally mastered it. Red royal icing actually “develops” (like a Poloroid) so to get my version of perfect bright red, I always mix it in advance (a few hours or even the day before).

Sweet Dani B Glam Martha Gnomi cookie
Sweetheart cookie Glam... Meet Gnomi Stewart!

If you caught my Valentine cookie segment on the Martha show, you will know what inspired this version of the Gnomi cookie! Martha inspired the strapless dress style and the dress color was inspired by Valentino…

Valentino and his red dress collection
Valentino and his red dress collection

Have you seen Valentino, the Last Emperor? (tissues are recommended) Even if you haven’t seen the movie, most people know about Valentino’s signature red dresses. They are unmistakable works of art. Many people design red dresses but  no one does this color dress justice, quite like him.

Red Dress Nomis Wedding
Wear a red dress to a wedding? Why not!

Theres an old fashioned “rule” that states you shouldn’t wear red (or white!) to a wedding but I knew my friend Nomi (aka: Gnomi) wouldn’t mind me replacing an LBD with a LRD! It wasn’t a Valentino but I still loved wearing my fave color for dress up!

Red Handbag
When replacing my day to day handbag, red seemed like the obvious choice...

… but as you may know, day to day handbag selection is a very big decision. Good thing my Mom cut to the chase and made that decision for me! She knew I was having a hard time deciding so she surprised me with this amazing red handbag for Christmas! I just added the love bug brooch (I got this idea from one of my favorite fashion bloggers) to make it a bit more “me”.

On the home front we don’t shy away from my favorite color either…

Red Bedroom wall
...for a fun pop of color we painted our back bedroom wall "ladybug red"...
SandH Red Carpet
Spot and Hope made themselves right at home when we rolled out this red carpet!
SDB Red Kitchen Aid
I had a hard time deciding on a Kitchen Aid color, that is, until I saw this one!

…I can go on and on and on about red… Cherries! Red velvets! Red wine! Red nail polish! Rubies! Garnets! Red lipstick! Red shoes… So, on this Valentine’s Day, make your heart beat faster and add little red in to your life… it’s confident, bold, invigorating, flattering, and passionate! No wonder it is “the color of love”!

Happy Love Day- Give it, Take it, Spread it!  Xoxo Dani

Hopey Red Sweater
Hopey modeling her Love Day red sweater (Martha Stewart for Petsmart)

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