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Sweet Style Saturdays: "Brooching" the subject

Because I was raised to be a good sport, I still follow Lucky Magazine on Facebook. Most people who put in the amount of time I did to enter the Lucky Lifestyle contributor contest, got all the way to the finals after months of work and didn’t win or even get a consolation prize (really, not even a lipstick! or how about a free subscription to the magazine? hello!) would have grumpliy said ‘Later Lucky!’… but not me. I love fashion and pop culture too much, and I enjoy Lucky for the fast, easy way they deliver information.

I found Lucky’s “snap poll” on Thursday “Would you ever wear a brooch?” to be interesting. The reference to brooches as “old lady” kind of shocked me (also the way it was actually worded was “mean girl” in my opinion). Later in the paragraph it is announced that “brooches are back”.

Trends are trends, but certain things like brooches, have become more of a staple accessory for me and they are really fun to collect. I don’t wear a brooch every day but its a great “go to” jewelry item to have in one’s jewelry collection. Extra bonus points for sentimental brooches… a brooch is a beautiful piece to gift and pass on.

DBF Catholic School
My I just love your cat "brooch"! Is that Cartier?

My brooch wearing days started early. As a way to jazz up my catholic school girl uniform, I added a “brooch” to my look every day. Of coarse back then they were more in the cat, milk and pumpkin category rather than Cartier knock off…

milk pin
Luckily my Mom saved one of my favorite Catholic school pins! This explains a lot actually... my deep love for googly eyes may have had its origins here AND I drink a glass of milk a day!

Always inspired by a small thing that could jazz up an entire outfit I continued to collect them over the years…

first vintage brooch
My first vintage brooch purchase came from an amazing store in Providence, RI
star brooch
I love using this Carolee star brooch as a closure to a cardigan
Jcrew brooch
This funky Jcrew brooch remains pinned to my fave denim jacket
gown brooch
As Lucky mentioned, I LOVE a brooch fit perfectly into the gathers or sash of a gown or dress... This Cate Blanchett red carpet Oscars look was one of my faves too!
yellow flower pin
Not an official "brooch" but this flower pin has become one of my signature pieces! I dress it up or down.

I’m always inspired and influenced by fashion and jewelry and sparkle… and it shows up in my work all the time…

favor at a fashion-y Bridal shower
This brooch was the fabulous favor at a fashion-y Bridal shower that I designed... Love it!
I didn't realize it at the time, but the colorway for this dragonfly "critter" that appeared on the Martha Stewart show may have been influenced by one of my fave brooches!
SDB Gnome Shroom and pin
My bestie and I often inpire eachother... Tamara (of AngelDogDesigns on etsy) was inspired to make this adorable felted mushroom "brooch" using my mushroom cookie as a guide
Jcrew "lovebug" brooch
My Jcrew "love bug" brooch needs some repair but it is still one of my favorites for obvious reasons...

So, if you are trendy, the brooch is back! Or if you have always loved brooches there’s no time like the present… Pin one on, jazz it up, enjoy! I’ll be rocking a brooch for sure this Thursday… Tune in to the Martha Show on the Hallmark channel to see which one makes the cut!

Happy Sunday! Xo Dani

(Click here to check listings for the Martha Show on the Hallmark channel)

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