Sweet Style Saturdays: A Chic and Sweet Winter Bride

There’s tons of inspiration for weddings in the warmer weather… but what about ideas for a bride getting married in the winter months? Meet Nicole, my brother’s wife… She has great style day to day and I absolutely LOVED her wedding style. I asked her to share the info on some key pieces that made her look.

The big reveal... Christian walking in to see Nicole in her amazing dress!

The big reveal... Christian walking in to see Nicole in her amazing dress! Photo courtesy of Bryan Duggan Photography

Nicole, you and I talked wedding theme early on- and came up with a “Winter Woodland” Wedding theme for the invitations, the paper goods, decor, favors and cake. Did your wedding theme influence your dress decision? My wedding theme didn’t influence my dress decision.  I always knew what kind of dress I wanted, regardless of my theme, which actually made it more difficult to decide on a dress.

Nic Bogues invite

Since we didn't want to reveal too much, I painted an abstract "idea" of the dress on the invitation

Tell us about your “buzz-worthy” dress (literally everyone was buzzing about it- men and women!) I wanted something form-fitting and not strapless (I really always wanted a long-sleeved dress) with a vintage feel.  I decided on a Jim Hjelm dress (style # 8663), however planned on changing it up a bit. Since Jim Helm’s dresses are more moderately priced than bigger designers, I had a little more freedom in my budget to do that. I had it altered to be more form-fitting with a slight mermaid shape to it and had the neck-line opened up.  Then I had swarovski crystals and pearls sewn on throughout the entire dress!  The dress came with a sash which I didn’t wear, but had wrapped around my bouquet.  I couldn’t have been happier with it!  I also love that no bride will have my dress!  I also love that if you look at the before and after photo, it doesn’t look like the same dress!

Nic's dress sparkling at the ceremony

Nic and her dress sparkling at the ceremony

Your jewelry was also a standout! I am obsessed with my Elizabeth Cole “Cascading Crystal and Flower Earrings” and can’t wait to wear them again!  I love flowers and wear flower earrings practically everyday so loved wearing a super glammed-up version of my everyday jewels on my big day!  I also wanted to wear a flower ring on the index finger of my right hand.  I searched and searched but couldn’t find anything under $5000.  Two days before my wedding I found a the ring at a tiny boutique “Culture Couture”  in Montclair, NJ for $25!!!!  I have worn it many times after the wedding already which makes it even better! : )

I hope Nicole let's me borrow these earrings!

I hope Nicole lets me borrow these earrings! Photo courtesy of Bryan Duggan Photography

The topper to your look was that gorgeous fur wrap… Where did you get it? The wrap!  I lovedddddd the wrap although when I picked it up felt so guilty about wearing fur.  (I just rented it though, right?!  That’s what I kept telling myself…).  When I was looking for a fur stole, bolero, or wrap I just kept finding the typical, white ones that so many brides have worn.  I wanted something more dramatic and unique that I could drape over myself and that would fall off my shoulders.  I thought I wasn’t going to find one, so my mother-who loves a shopping challenge- began researching. She found a store in the fur district in NYC where you can buy or rent called “Henry Cowit and Madison Ave Furs.”  They had a lot to choose from!  I picked it up on the Friday before our Sunday wedding and had to drop it return it by Tuesday.  I thought about buying it, but as an animal lover, just couldn’t do it. Also, I just kept thinking of getting red paint thrown on me fur by a crazed animal rights activist (Great S.A.T.C. episode)!

It was the perfect weather for the wrap Nicole picked out- and a gorgeous accent to her dress!

It was the perfect weather for the wrap Nicole picked out- and a gorgeous accent to her dress! Christian's suit by Theory. Photo courtesy of Bryan Duggan Photography

One last question, although I’m pretty sure I can guess the answer- What was your favorite cookie of all the woodland animal shapes we did on your wedding cake? Leeloo, of course!!!

Leeloo, Nicole & Christian's cat, stands guard atop their wedding cake

Leeloo, Nicole & Christian's cat, stands guard atop their woodland cookie decorated wedding cake

Cheers to the newlyweds! Here’s to a sweet and happy life together filled with love and great style!    xo Dani

I heart your style!

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