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I’ve already waxed poetic about 7 ways to ruin your diet in Paris, so in this post, the follow up on Things to Do, I’m just going to tell you what to eat and where to dine in more of a list-y form…

Business cards from some of our favorite places in Paris
Business cards from some of our favorite places in Paris

La Fontaine De Mars: Our first night’s meal in Paris… La Fontaine is a delicious, “typical” style French brasserie. Its a great place for people watching as its a lively and fun restaurant where the hostess is lovely and seems to know everybody- lot’s of chic locals. I was extra excited when we decided to let our waiter pick “his favorite” for us for dessert and it turned out to Ile flottante! Thanks to “Martha Bakes” I knew what this dessert was… (I will never forget the day during “Martha Bakes” filming that we shot Martha making this beautiful dessert that not many people had ever heard of- lots of mouths hanging open)

Ile Flottant
Ile flottante AKA: giant, delicious, soft, marshmallow in yum caramel syrup with nuts
A graphically beautiful and delicious linzer at Josephine
A graphically beautiful and delicious linzer at Josephine Boulangerie- great café too!

Josephine Boulangerie: This is a charming, beautifully decorated and delicious cafe. Try the linzer cookie which is offered with jelly or chocolate. One thing to note: this was a more difficult place to communicate in if you do not speak French, so you may want to brush up on key “boulangerie” and “patisserie” words before heading in…

Josephine Cupcakes
Next time I'll save room for one of these petit gâteaus! Big props to the bakers at Josephine who are not afraid to decorate with silver dragée! Beautiful!
Josephine's Boulangerie decor
Josephine's Boulangerie decor features vintage baking items from her personal collection...
I especially loved her vintage flour container collection...
I especially loved her vintage flour container collection...
and the wall of vintage bread boards
and the wall of vintage bread boards- amazing! (for me, this was a foodie museum too)

As lovers of wine and art, Willi’s Wine Bar was a must try. This adorably “casual chic” restaurant reminded me of the feel of Union Square Cafe in NYC. This is another spot where translation is a bit of an issue (luckily our waiter spoke a bit of English). The entrees were creative (but not too over the top) and delicious and (once again) we loved our dessert… warm figs with syrup and madeleines! Oui oui!

KF and I admiring the wine and Willi's wine bottle art!
KF and I admiring the wine and wine bottle art at Willi's!

Speaking of works of art… while walking down one of the charming shop filled streets in the Marais area, I stumbled across the most gigantic meringue I have ever seen! Meringue cookies aren’t for everyone but I am a huge fan- naturally I went with the vanilla. In this case I ate dessert first as we were on our way to a lovely lunch at le philosophes where I had a much needed, huge salad with roasted chicken.

Giant Meringue
This work of art was delicious too... I met my meringue "match" at Au Coer des Pains, a small neighborhood bakery

I was really excited that we planned to meet up with some of KF’s work friends for dinner one night. Shopping in Paris is very inspirational so they were in town visiting on a work trip. They made reservations at a delicious North African restaurant called 404. Not being too familiar with North African cuisine, I was really happy they picked out the wine and appetizers (yum). When it came to ordering dinner I went with the preserved lemon, olive and chicken tagine. It was so delicious, upon return, I quickly added this recipe to my must make list! Now all I need is a tagine!

The last bite of the assorted pastry plate tasted even better served on these beautiful dishes
The last bite of our 'selection of Oriental pastries' tasted even better served on 404's gorgeous Moroccan platters
404's ginger tea presentation- a dramatic and a fabulous end to the meal
404's ginger tea presentation- a dramatic and a fabulous end to the meal
The decor is artsy and amazing and I loved the single extra long stemmed rose at each table
The decor at Georges is fittingly artsy and amazing... I loved the simple, single extra long stemmed rose at each table

Since we had planned this trip in celebration of our 10th Wedding Anniversary, we thought it would be fun to plan one fancier dinner. Keith’s co workers strongly suggested we try Georges Pompidou. (I am pretty sure this is the restaurant Carrie met Alexsander’s ex wife in Part Deux of the Paris episodes- if not, it could be) The Centre Pompidou is a tall, standout, “skeletal looking” cultural center in the neighborhood of Beaubourg. As we were riding escalator after escalator to the top, I noted this center as a place to visit on our next trip. There is much to do and many of my favorite artists are featured here. Georges is definitely a “see and be seen” type of hot spot. Its too large to call “romantic” but it does have a very sexy vibe. The menu is eclectic and features food inspiration from many different cultures. This is another tough menu to navigate of you don’t speak the language… Luckily our supermodel-like waitress began at the top and read thru every. single. menu. item. slowly. (which KF especially appreciated). While I enjoyed my burratta and heirloom tomato appetizer (I was happy to get an Italian fix), KF  very much enjoyed his veggie sushi rolls.

molten chocolate cake
KF enjoying his favorite dessert of all time... molten chocolate cake. He said Georges' version was quite good but not the best we had in Paris.

Which brings us to Chez Gabrielle… On our last night in Paris we wanted a delicious, easy meal. Chez Gabrielle was in walking distance to our hotel and our friend who recommended it mentioned it as a highlight- it is listed as #13 on Trip Advisor! It has a cozy, “welcome to my home” type feel and the food was delicious- especially the potatoes gratin which are served in a mini copper saucepan.

warm chocolate cake at Chez Gabrielle
If only I had a lighting crew with me... this photo does not even begin to illustrate the delicious decadence of the warm chocolate cake at Chez Gabrielle- served with Bertillion's dark chocolate ice cream- chocolate lovers unite!

So, as he took his final sweet bite, KF declared the molten chocolate cake at Chez Gabrielle the “best in Paris”. While it tasted very good to me, I think we might need to go back and do some more investigating! In fact, I know we do!

Here’s to every sweet bite!  Xo Dani

PS. Special thanks to my dentist, Dr. Docktor (yes, really). He is a fellow foodie and world traveler. When he heard we were headed to Paris, he excitedly opened his treasure chest like drawer of Paris business cards and told me all the “must eat” places regardless of the effect it may have had on my teeth!

Dr. Docktor
Dr. Docktor with his drawer full of Paris deliciousness!

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