Cookie Magic

*Bunny in Hat cookie

And now for my next trick...

“So how would you feel about following a magician?” Not a question I hear everyday, but, when my cousin Lauren asked me to do a cookie workshop at a magic party I was curious to find the answer to that exact question!

Ella, Lauren’s daughter and the birthday girl, is a lot like her mom and myself… we Boglivi girls (Boglivi is my maiden name) are not super girly girls. Ella’s good with pink but likes purple more and enjoys all sorts of fun after school activities- one, being magic class! (How cool is that?) Lauren knew this would be a really great birthday theme for boys and girls and she was right.

Magician props

The results of some fun and amazing magic tricks!

The party started with a fabulous magician named Ben (who is also Ella’s magic teacher). He performed some super fun tricks… Slight of hand, dollar revealed in a peeled banana, bent quarter… really cool stuff! After the magic show, Ella’s Dad led the kids in piñata fun. The piñata has made a big party comeback and this was no exception.


"Hey, number 8- we are coming for ya!"

Magic table setup

Our "magic table" setup

Next up, COOKIES! While that is how I feel about them, the kids always seem to start off a bit quiet. I showed them our workshop coloring templates and explained what we would be working on. Once I mentioned we’d be icing a magic wand that would be ‘so much more delicious’ than Harry Potter’s, the cookie decorating was off to a great start.

Magic wand work

Magic wand work... I gave them a few ideas for inspiration

Will with wand

Ella's brother, Will, concentrating on magic wand icing

bunny and wand

Ella's excellent magic wand, and adorable bunny sketch...

Next up the bunny in hat cookie… Unfortunately the magician didn’t have a tie in with the bunny in hat (Dear Magicians, Please work with me! Isn’t a bunny in hat a required prop?) so I’m not certain the kids fully got the meaning of this cookie, but no matter. As I was demoing the bunny and added the sanding sugar to make his fur, someone yelled “furry bunny!”and it was on! The kids really got into this one…

Ella smiling

The birthday girl working on her bunny cookie

Hop to it! These bunnies aren't going to decorate themselves!

Hop to it! These bunnies aren't going to decorate themselves!

Bunny amazingness- I love the heart nose!

Bunny amazingness- I love the heart nose- I might have to borrow this idea!


A very well done bunny with a fabulous hat to boot!

A very well done bunny with a fabulous hat to boot!

personality bunny

and look at this bunny- what personality! and another heart nose... these kids are on to something!

After cookie decorating was finished, it was time for birthday cake. One of my favorite parts of a party is singing “happy birthday”. Since I have a terrible voice, I used to be shy about it, but not anymore. Last year, I got to thinking that singing “happy birthday” is one of those moments people might take for granted… like the sun and moon rising each day… but if you think about it, how many times will we get to sing it? Its a privilege! An honor! I hope I didn’t embarrass Ella too much but joined in with her parents and all her friends and we sung it proud.

family candle blowout

Mark and Lauren jump in to help Ella blow out her candles

Birthday Party Success? Check! Birthday Party Magic? Yep, we got that too! All good things to Ella for the amazing eights!  Xo Dani

**Look for my how-to ice the bunny in hat (one of our Sweet Dani B cutter designs) and magic wand cookie coming up next post!**