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O Christmas Tree

I’m a total sap for Christmas and the Holidays… but a few years ago we decided to keep the sap with the sentiment and invested in a faux Christmas tree. It’s not that we didn’t love going to pick our our own version of the Rock Center tree but there was always a debate on size (technically, we could fit a 9 ft but KF refused), there was a lot of worry about fire hazards and it falling over, and those little needles are pretty brutal on the feet and paws. Not to mention each year the tree removal became more and more dramatic (dry needle trail from former tree location, to apartment building carpet stairs, to garbage- lots of cursing). So I decided that if we are going to have a fake tree that we should really go for it… Enter our “gilver” (goldish silver), 8 ft Christmas tree from Martha Stewart’s tree collection at Grandin Road (already a collectors item!). Its pretty over the top.

We had a few versions of this tree on set at The Martha Show a few years ago and it was decorated beautifully with coordinating white, gold and green ornaments. I thought about all the beautiful alternate themes we could do to fit in with the “in your face” shimmer- Snowflakes and icicles! A full cookie tree! Woodland animals and mushrooms!

One of Martha's many beautiful tinsel trees
One of Martha's many beautiful tinsel trees

In the end as much as I love and live themes, the only tree theme that fits for me is sappy and sentimental. So we covered this tree just as we had all of the others- with ornaments old and new that we have collected in the 14 or so years KF and I have been together. Here are some of our faves…

Our totally weird and folk art Christmas angel from Sundance catalog
Our totally weird and quirky, folk art Christmas angel from Sundance catalog
2000 ornament
Remember when everyone was buzzing about what would happen when the clock stuck midnight on the millenium? KF and I bought this ornament that year...
Pottery Barn ornament
My brother bought me this amazing set from Pottery Barn with illustrations from each decade... the nineties is a fave!
Santa ornament Napa Valley
One more to toast with... We bought this amazing Santa ornament in Napa Valley!
1st Christmas together
My parents bought us this one the Christmas after our wedding- good and sappy!
Elvis ornament
Ahh the Elvis obsession: KF, a big Elvis fan, dressed as the King of Rock and Roll for Halloween several years in a row! Our friend Bianca, obsessed with his obsession, made him this frame ornament to capture one of his many costumes.
whole foods bag
Speaking of obsessions, this tiny whole foods bag is really a gift card holder but I love it and whole foods so much it seemed perfect for the tree!
Tams angel
I'm a huge fan of all of Angeldogdesign ornaments on Etsy, but this angel Tamara made us is super sentimental. Its at least 10 years old!
Toadstool by HH
Also on the hand crafted tip, Hosanna Houser's toadstool... this inspires me a lot- as she always does. You'll be seeing some SDB mushrooms very soon!
Fran pepper
A hand-painted hot pepper Santa made by friend and producer at The Martha Show, Fran Brecia. She sold out of these at the craft fair that year! Amazing!
Sister John Mary
Another glorious craft fair purchase, I could not pass up this mini felt nun who reminds me of my Catholic school principal, Sister John Mary. Looks just like I remember her!
peppermint cookie
One of my peppermint cookie ornaments made in '09- the year this cookie was featured in the C is for Cookie story in the December issue of Living!
Last but not least, the opposite of all our hand made ornaments, but still very meaningful, my daily 2 to 3 cups of large French Vanilla...

If you are like us, you put up your tree in a rush while being caught up in the hustle and the bustle. Here’s wishing you some quiet time to relax and reflect on your Christmas tree this year.

O Christmas tree, O christmas tree how lovely are your branches… and your ornaments too! Merry merry! Xo Dani

Merry Merry! Xo


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