Leaf Peeping (and Eating)!

leaf cookies

"Leaf peeping" is a very popular, relaxing autumn activity...

Who says you have to go to the country to peep the Fall leaves? While walking Spot and Hope each morning, I have been enjoying city side leaf peeping right here in Weehawken, NJ! It has been beautiful and inspiring!

A brisk morning walk full of color!

A brisk morning walk full of color...

yellow leaves

We've got all the autumn colors covered here in Weehawken...

The red leaves

The red leaves seem brighter than ever this season...

orange leaves

I love the orange leaves with the backdrop of the bright blue sky!

And the result of a little inspiration…

feathered leaf

I use the same "feathering" technique to ice these as I do my owl cookies

half and half leaf

a more abstract design... a half and half with m&m accents


"Peep" these leaves on your Thanksgiving table or dessert buffet!

Check back tomorrow for a cookie tag/ place card download… just in time for your Thanksgiving table!

Xoxo Dani