A Parisian Dia de los Meurtos

I know it might sound morbid, especially for a “Life is Sweet” proclaiming cookie baker, but I find cemeteries peaceful and intriguing. So, much to KF’s chagrin, there was no way I could leave Paris without visiting the famed Montmartre Cemetery.

Looking down into Cimetière Montmartre
Looking down into Cimetière Montmartre from the street overpass

Cimetière Montmartre opened in 1825 after the Parisian ban on cemeteries (due to health hazzards) had been lifted and is built in a rock quarry below street level that is approx. 11 hectares (1 hectare=107,639 square feet) in size- AKA: Huge! *

kitty perched on grave
I was touched to see a kitty perched on this grave... I bet they knew eachother!

This cemetery is the resting place of many artists, dignitaries and other famous people but is also home to the graves and tombs of many “regular people” and their families.

badges of honor
I love the printed medals on this stone... badges of honor that will always be.

It contains some of the most elaborate tombs I have even seen (I thought New Orleans cemeteries were elaborate!). It is also still an active cemetery so while it is a tourist attraction, we were careful to be quiet and respectful.

fresh flowers
I was touched to see fresh flowers on many of the graves, the upkeep is beautiful & bittersweet.
blue tomb
This tomb was stunning... beautiful in color and decorative elements- esp the owls!

It was later in the day, and as the sun started getting closer to the horizon line, KF started finding our way to the exit.

 along this stretch
While walking together along this stretch we heard a tapping- more like a "tinkering" and at the same time turned our heads...

…and were relieved to see cemetery workers a few rows back, behind a blue tarp doing some maintenance work. Whew! After that I started noticing the various tomb doors a lot more…

the flower door
the flowers on this one....
graphic door
the graphic design of this one...
light on door
... and this one which seemed to have a light left on!

And just as we were nearly back to where we had entered at Rue Rachel, KF pointed out this grave that was more “his style”.

modern style grave
The only "modern" style grave we saw on our Montmartre walk- also beautiful!
Me in Montmartre 2
Cimetière Montmartre was a beautiful place to reflect and celebrate life... it was our Parisian version of Día de los Muertos! Xoxo Dani

Cimetière Montmartre
 20 rue Rachel
75018 Paris
Tel.: +33(0)1 53 42 36 30


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