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Sweet Style Saturdays: My Best Style Connection- Bogues

brother sister on denville steps
So where did you get those tube socks? They are AMAZING!

I believe that style is individual. Of coarse we are influenced by where we live, our surroundings, our peers, what we see in magazines, movies and on TV, but within the overload of imagery and hype, each person chooses what or what they are not influenced by.

That said, the challenge question for the semi finals of the Lucky Lifestyle Editor Contest was a tough one for me…

The Challenge: My Best Connection

1. Is it your best friend now, or one from the past you’ve rediscovered after losing touch—and how have your looks changed?

2. Share pictures and explain your similarities and differences in style, personalities and shopping and beauty choices.

DBF Lucky Submission Round 4
My latest Lucky Lifestyle Editor Challenge submission

Instead of focusing on one of my girlfriends, I focused on someone who has been tried and true in my life, my brother. When making the collage and thinking about similarities, my uniform theory came to mind. Like myself, my brother definitely has a formula to everyday dressing… a T-shirt or polo shirt with current jeans that he buys in a few washes. For the office he dresses this look up with a button down. For occasions, he enjoys putting on a tie or mixing it up a bit, but nothing too crazy and never anything too trendy. Current classics are at the heart of his wardrobe (Ralph Lauren, John Varvatos, Jack Spade). What separates him from the average t shirt/ polo guy is that he works very hard at filling out those Polo shirts properly.

bogues run
Bogues heading out on a 10 mile run

Also, he has the most unique, curly, sometimes huge, amazing hair. For his entire life, It has been his signature, at times his nemesis, and it is the “accessory” that sets him apart. We have the curls in common- but my fashion sense is far from classic… So how do Bert and Ernie, Vanilla/ Chocolate, Loud/ Quiet, Classic/ Not, connect?

Us me w headband
Ummm, what is on your head?

Acceptance is the connection… As siblings who are true friends we can not help but influence each other but our style is very different and that is great! We still shop together and ask eachother opinions but truly appreciating eachother’s personalities and style, is how we connect best. Style is what YOU make it, and that is my favorite thing about it.

Me leopard dress boots
Lucky Lifestyle Editor Position... I'm coming for ya!

Voting for the semifinals of the Lucky Lifestyle Editor Contest ends this week on Wednesday.  (cue Rocky theme) If you haven’t voted for me, please take a moment to. I’m ready for the finals and have the eye of the tiger- well, technically it’s leopard, but you get the point.   Xoxo Dani

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