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Behind the Scenes with Mr. Bones

I was so pleased with the quality and look of our Sweet Dani B TV cookie icing videos for Easter, so I, once again, enlisted the talented Mike Boylan to shoot our Mr. Bones how to icing videos.

Mike LOVES Halloween and my love for Halloween has been growing over the years since being inspired by working on Martha Stewart’s amazing Halloween shows… as a result, we had some very fun props to dress the “set” with.

SDB's Floating Brain

Its a weird feeling talking into a camera and it makes a lot of people (me included), nervous. Clicking the scene clapboard though, cracked me up every time which was a good distraction.

Sweet Dani B: Mr. Bones Take 3!

Mr Bones and Template
The “traditional” Mr. Bones was first up

It happened to be a humid day which is never great for cookies- especially chocolate cookies. In addition I rolled these a little thin and under-baked them. Bad mistake! I had a few cookies break on during transport so I was sure to handle them carefully while icing. Meanwhile, while we were setting up the next shot…

Oh No Mr. Bones! Sweet Dani B
OH NO! Mr. Bones!
Sweet Dani B My Mummy Decorating Setup
My Mummy Decorating next up! (this might be my favorite version of this cutter)
My Mummy w template
You need the special tip to ice My Mummy, and extra drying time but she is totally worth it!

Last but not least, the Dapper Zombie. I smile a lot when I look at our cookies (part of the reason Life is Sweet!) but this guy totally cracks me up for some reason and really makes me smile!

the Dapper Zombie cookie
Last but not least, The Dapper Zombie is up next…
The Dapper Zombie Cookie by Sweet Dani B
Mike zooms in for a beauty shot of the Dapper Zombie- I love the spooky sketches his boys drew on their glass doors in the background!
Mr. Bones CU
YOU! Be sure to get my good side! Someone get me another martini! Mwhaaha!

And that was a wrap on the how to videos! I wanted to show a fabulous tip for displaying these cookies on cupcakes- (delicious cupcakes in fact, by my cupcake friend Carrie). The humidity was just too much for them and we suffered several more cookie casualties! No worries though, we put them to good use and Mike and his family enjoyed a delicious and spooktacular snack that night!

Broken My Mummy Platter
Broken “My Mummy” platter with Goodie Box Cupcakes and oreo “dirt”- Yum!

I hope you are having this much fun with your Mr. Bones Cookie Cutter! Have a very Happy Halloween!

xoxo Dani





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