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Our Wedding Memory Box

KF insists I am a hoarder. I even tried to prove him wrong by taping the show ‘Hoarders’ and watching it with him. He is not entirely convinced.

I consider myself more of a “squirrel”… Its difficult for me to throw things away, especially if they are sentimental. Since we live in an apartment it has gotten to the point that I push keeping something to the limit, say its a balloon… even when it is left floating on a a single puff of air on day 32, I find it too heartbreaking to throw it away. KF has been taking over in these instances. He waits for me to go to the gym and then does the deed.

Wedding Box
Our Wedding Memory Box

Luckily we had just the place for our Wedding Memory Box when we moved into this apartment, which was about a year after we got married. There are so many components to planning, and so many sentimental moments to cherish, even KF agreed that a box would be ok to keep, provided it was cool looking (vintage crate), and kept out of the way (shelf area leading up to steps in the apartment).

Our 10 year anniversary was last Thursday and it was amazing to be able to look through it. We really hadn’t looked in it since we packed it away on the shelf, so it was very fun to go through. I even managed to do so without bawling hysterically. Actually, it was quite the opposite!

Here are some of the highlights…

Wedding Shower Bouquet
My Wedding Shower Bouquet

Instead of making me wear the dreaded, ribbon, paper plate hat, my girlfriends took the ribbon from my shower and made it into this fun bouquet which I used as a prop at our rehearsal dinner. So cute.

Hopey Ribbon bouquet
For me? You shouldn’t have!
Wedding Documents
Our Wedding “Documents”

O la la, who knew we had a “transcript” of our wedding!? We loved our ceremony, officiated by Reverend Leslie Cohen. It was sweet and personal. Also good to know we have a copy of the marriage certificate somewhere in the apartment!

Our Wedding Music- apparently we left nothing to chance!

The first evidence of micro managing in the box… our long lists of wedding music. Beginning from my handwritten notes (Don’t worry, KF didn’t let Hotel California make the final) to typed up final documents- we literally told the DJ every song to play. Also, very important was our “Not to be Played Under Any Circumstances” List. (KF really meant business about Mony Mony!)

Our Wedding Card Bundle
Our Wedding Card Bundle

Due to our space limit, these days, KF likes to open cards and read them over the garbage but I could not let that happen to these heartfelt gems!

Our Wedding Papergoods
Our Wedding Paper Goods- more about these in another post!
Our filled in RSVPs

When I saw this stack, I was surprised we kept these… but then was reminded that everyone had to pick their entree upon RSVP (not my favorite, but it does mean fresh food). There is no doubt in my mind that I kept these so I could go back and see what everyone ate! Haahaa! (I would have guessed Aunt Del went with the sea bass! Meanwhile, I totally guessed that Kevin and Janine went with the filet.) This is a fun game for future reference. 🙂

Wedding favor tin
Our Wedding Favor Tin

The candle and match tins we gave were a cute alternative to a non edible favor… obviously these days I prefer cookies! Good to know that Hershey’s kisses do not last 10 years.

Our Wedding Day Itinerary

This itinerary is surprisingly lax. These days it would have began well before 2:30 and would have been at least 3 pages and attached to a clip board! IE: wake up, do this, do that, put on dress, finish cake toppers in limo… This is evidence as to why I had that giant veil on my head for much longer then originally planned.

Sweet Trinkets
Some Sweet Trinkets

I loved these wedding cake candles, and these were our back up cake toppers because I really took that project down to the wire. It cracked me up that the doves had a hat and veil on. Also, rose petals and the card from a very sweet flower arrangement Keith’s brother sent me the week before the wedding.

Bachelorette Evidence

This literally cracked me up. I can’t believe we went to Chippendales. Also, I can’t believe they had a program! 🙂

A few things from My Wedding Shower

Someone had the good sense to provide me with 2 hankies! I don’t think I ever read this book… I wonder if it answers any life questions

Just Married Shirt
Handmade Just Married Shirt

Did I make this shirt or did someone make it for me? Also found a pack of photos of KF’s 2nd favorite wedding shower gift (shark and dolphin S&P shakers), dressed up as a bride and groom. Awesome.

Wedding Cookie
A Wedding Cake Cookie (not iced by me)

This cookie was attached to one of my bridal shower gifts. I remember getting it and wishing I could one day make a cookie like this. Pretty cool. It held up pretty well for 10 years!

Heart Cookie by Tam
The cookie that started it all… THE original Heart cookie made by Tamara

I had no idea we still had one of these! Tamara made us these cookies as favors for our rehearsal dinner. It was just the beginning! (Also, LOVE this LOVE ribbon! Must get some!)

Polaroid Book
A Book of Polaroids

This was a great little book my bridesmaid, Carolyn, put together for me. She took the photos all day and assembled it on the spot! Since our photos were shot on film (10 years ago they still used film), this was a really sweet little thing to have. Very thoughtful and could still make a beautiful gift today.

Bottom of Box
The Bottom of Our Wedding Box

Speaking of film, rounding out the bottom of the box is a bunch of candids, some undeveloped advantix film, a balloon, a drink umbrella, another candle… some dust, sequins and lots of love!

So to all the brides and grooms out there, I encourage you to make yourselves a Wedding Memory Box (pick a good, sturdy box- one with a cover would be even better) and figure out a safe keeping place for it (out of water and sunlight’s way). Its space worth taking up, for all the things well worth keeping.

xoxo Dani

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