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Meet Mr. Bones

Nice to meet you! Mwwhahhahhaaaaaa!

The idea of the Mr. Bones cookie has been with me for a long while… last year he popped up in the form of a fabulous cookie cutter that I designed with my friends at coppergifts!

But, back to the beginning… Years ago, when I was a college student at RISD, I fell in love with the holiday that comes right after Halloween, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. I discovered some of these amazing Day of the Dead figurines and dioramas in my favorite store in Providence, RI on Thayer street called OOP, and so began a collecting obsession…

My Dia de Los Muertos Wedding Couple which I bought after we were married

Not only is the artwork amazing but, Day of the Dead is such a beautiful way to celebrate the loved ones we have lost. Families bring feasts, wine, and even TV‘s into the graveyards of their loved ones and spend hours “with them” and their favorite things. It’s very romantic in a lovely, bittersweet way.

SDB skull bracelet
I also always wear a skull bracelet (which has broken a few times- I have just recently restrung it).

Then, of coarse, there are the non Day of the Dead skulls that have popped into my life… on trips, while I was working at Martha, at Halloween last year…

I love this Swarovski encrusted skull that I encountered on a trip to Vegas- so cool!
My cousin Will, with my sock skeleton Mr. Bones (see the how to on
My lil’ neighbor, Lucas last Halloween- I had no idea he was dressing up as Mr. Bones but was so glad to have a matching cookie treat to go with his costume!

I had the pleasure of working on several of Martha Stewart‘s amazing Halloween shows. I will never forget the first time I was with the styling team unpacking boxes and suddenly, emerged a full size, glittered, Mr. Bones! (Yes, Anduin Havens and her team actually call him Mr. Bones- very formal!)

Marthas mr bones
Martha’s Mr. Bones greets guests at her Great Pumpkin Blaze Party
SDB Mr Bones Blog_Laura Skeleton
A few years ago, I did a Halloween cookie workshop at an Art School in Flemington and I especially LOVED this Mr. Bones. He was one of the many adorable decorations Laura the owner of the school decorated with!

That is a LOT of inspiration… and so became Mr. Bones the cookie cutter. This cookie cutter is actually very versatile, as he can also be decorated as a very dapper Zombie, or as My Mummy!

Mr Bones icing sketches
Here’s some inspiration for you… Mr. Bones can also be decorated as a Dapper Zombie or My Mummy!

Check out our Sweet Dani B TV how- to video series featuring the Mr. Bones cookie cutter!

Download our decorating templates here… Mr. Bones Icing Template, Dapper Zombie Icing Template, My Mummy Icing Template

… If you don’t already have one, don’t forget to pick up a Sweet Dani B icing kit, and our amazing decorating tweezer… before you know it, you will be all set to celebrate Halloween with Mr. Bones! SWEET! Mwwwhaamwwwhaa! Xo Dani

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