Lucky Lifestyle Editor: Entertaining, My Way

I JUST posted my final round entry for the LUCKY Lifestyle Editor Challenge with 6 hours to spare. They gave us the shortest amount of time for what I thought to be the most involved challenge: Entertaining, My Way.

When I got the email with the challenge details, I grabbed for my planner to see how much time I had to come up with a fabulous theme, gather a dozen or so of our friends and host a “show stopping” dinner party. I opened my book and quickly realized there was no way to pull that off in a week- especially since my September business rush is in full swing. Panic ensued and as I was hyperventilating over dark chocolate malt balls and a glass of wine, KF asked “Um, don’t you do that challenge every time we have someone over?”

Why yes, yes, I do… I have been known to bring place cards to family dinners, favors to restaurants, and crafts to each and every holiday celebration. My brother and I had a sizable argument just last year, because he did not want to participate in the ‘The Jar of Thanks’. (?!)

Can’t we just have dinner?  they say… and of coarse we can, but, if we “just” have any old dinner, how will you remember it for years to come? Love is in the details, and if I can’t add details… well, you get it.

And so, my entry for the final round of the Lucky Lifestyle Editor Challenge is about exactly that… adding love to every detail. When I looked back there were lots of dinners I could have submitted, but I decided on our annual “Give Thanks” party since it is one of my absolute favorites. Check it out and vote for me! Xoxo

DBF lucky entertaining layout

My submission for Lucky Magazine's "Entertaining, My Way" Challenge

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