As Time Goes By

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September 8, 2001

Today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary. (!?)

We got together with our families this past Sunday to have dinner and celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss with them.

Family shot at beach
Us with (most of) our family, Normandy Beach, NJ (Yes, that's my wedding crown)

As a surprise my amazing husband, Keith, had our wedding video burned to DVD from VHS. (Apparently, we have been married for so long that technology has since transformed and we could no longer watch our video!) We had fun watching it, calling out good things like our beautiful venue, the sunny, perfect weather (pretty hot during the day for September but after sunset, beautiful)… we chatted about how good it was to see so and so, made call outs about ‘who is so and so with?’ and ‘did so and so wear that to our wedding?!’ and, of coarse, ‘what were WE thinking?’ Me with my giant veil- seemingly made of canvas! and my husband with his fairly large hair (I thought it was cute). It was also sad to see the few friends whom we no longer are in touch with, and one who is no longer with us…

I was amazed by how much younger we look not only on the surface but also the look in our eyes. There’s a shot of me in the video looking out the window of the bridal suite and it’s just such a “pie in the sky” look on my face… I’m not quite sure if my eyes look so “pie in the sky” these days?

Window with Tam and Nomi
Looking out the window of the bridal suite with bff's Tam & Nomi

We all shed a few tears watching it and, I’m not going to lie, had I been watching it all by myself those tears would have actually been full blown hysterics also known as the “ugly cry” (Thank you, Oprah, that phrase really sums it up!). The video ended and I immediately sunk into a bout of the blues. (Much to Keith’s dismay! His intentions were so sweet after all).

10 years in the blink of an eye…

Is my life meaningful enough?  Have I made a difference?  Am I doing the right thing?   What does it all mean?

I’m not sure I’ll ever have the answers to those questions but one thing I do know is this beautiful life is too short to spend worrying about it. I spent the last few days being blue but today I’m “dusting myself off”!

10 years together is something to celebrate and even though some things about the passing of time will always be bittersweet, we plan to do just that. My Aunt Judy did a beautiful reading at our ceremony and we loved the way she iterpreted it for us… In her intro she said, “This savy couple has a message for us- the Journey is the Destination”. That is something we have always believed and though its tested from time to time with “meaning of life” questions, I still do believe it today.

"Late Night" by Brian Andreas
My card for KF this year- "Late Night" by Brian Andreas

Keith Fiori,  I am so lucky that I have your amazing hand to hold as we travel this journey together. Here’s to many, many more decades. Xoxoxoxo

Hand hold heart
All Good Things! xoxo

** As Time Goes By is my Parents wedding song- so very beautiful, so very bittersweet! **

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