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Picnic Season and The Big Sandwich

Boy, do I love a good picnic! I’ve set up picnics in a park, on a roof, on a TV set… and even though, yes, it’s a little effort to take your kitchen items into a field, park etc., it’s just so fun, festive and romantic to spread out a big blanket, drink some wine and enjoy delicious picnic fare.

Finished sandwich

Which brings me to “The Big Sandwich”… Inspired by a brick pressed sandwich, this beauty is a full fledged meal in itself. Of coarse no picnic would be complete without sides, but with The Big Sandwich you really only need a few- and dessert of coarse (cookies, obviously!).

The fun twist is the giant ring of seeded bread I used to construct it- you can find bread like this at an authentic Italian deli- you know the ones!

Ring Bread Eye
Sometimes called “wreath bread”, its the shape that really give The Big Sandwich its flair!

Here’s the rest of the play by play- my mouth is watering already!

Bread scoop
My Grandmother would say “its a sin” 😉 but scoop out the top layer of your bread so you can fit all the goodies inside…
Roasted Garlic
Mmmmm roasted garlic… I always have some in the fridge.

Mash, or puree roasted garlic cloves (using store bought peeled garlic, add olive oil to cover, s&p- bake covered for approx. 20 minutes in the oven) to make a spread. Spread on both sides of the bread. Begin layering sundried tomatoes, peppers and olives onto scooped side of bread.

Sundried tomatoes and peppers, olive salad, pepperoncini peppers...
I love the colors- especially those purple olives!

Next up it the key ingredient- mozzarella or “mutz” as they call it in my favorite deli in HobokenVito’s. This deli has been around for generations and they are famous for their mutz but you can buy wet mozzarella pretty much any gourmet store as well.

Mutz layer
A delicious, wet mozzarella is key here… It will meld all of your flavors together.

Next up the meat layer! Note: you can easily make this sandwich vegetarian by substituting the meat for roasted eggplant or fresh tomatoes.

Meat layers
Layer order: proscuitto, salami, proscuitto- the proscuttio is a good melder as well!
Add bottom bread
Finally, add the bottom bread piece- here I am lining it up…
Press sandwich
Turn sandwich right side up (optional for this step but you do have to turn it at some point) and press! We used another platter and a stack of magazines piled on top! Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or up to overnight. 

While the sandwich was “marinating”, we moved onto the rest of our menu and picnic prep.

Tam distributes the sweetness on the top layer of our fave rocky ledge bars
Tam distributes the sweetness on the top layer of our fave rocky ledge bars…

firework cookie
A firework cookie too? Don’t mind if I do!

For this July 4th a few years ago, our fabulous picnic was rained out… but we didn’t let that stop us!

Picnic Overhead
We just spread out our blanket on the floor and got to picnic-ing… 
  Here’s the rest of the juice on Our Favorite Summer Picnic Menu
• Tamara’s Spinach Dip & Farmer’s Market Crudite

• Broccoli Rabe (We are Italian so this is our go-to, but regular broccoli or any veggie that can be served room temp is great!)

• Potato Chips (I try not to eat them too often, but when I do I go for Kettle Chips– YUM)

• Rocky Ledge Bars (The most delicious twist on a blondie)

• SDB Sugar Cookies (Theme appropriate, in this case it was July 4th, Sweet Dani B style highly recommended!)

I hope you enjoy The Big Sandwich as much as I do- here’s to picnic season! Get out there and enjoy and Happy 4th! Xo Dani
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