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D.I.Y. Shark Party Hat

As it turns out, Shark Week usually coincides with my husband’s birthday and he LOVES sharks. This year we planned to have a fun party with our friend’s and their adorable kiddies, so I thought it would be super fun to make our own shark hats.

I started out with plain paper party hats purchased at Party City. I bought 3 packs (some matte, some metallic) so I could use only the colors that matched our theme.

Party Hat Stack
We went with shades of blue plus 2 pink (1 pink for me of coarse!)

Using a 1 inch circle punch, we punched dark grey and black paper to use for the eyes and attached them with glue dots. We used plain white paper cut in strips and then triangles for the teeth.

Shark Party Hats with Eyes
We kept our inspiration close just in case...

On the inside front brim, I drew a line with craft glue and attached the white triangles in a row.

Shark Hat Glued Teeth
Since sharks have crazy uneven teeth, the triangles don't have to be perfect!
Shark Mug
Drinking coffee from a shark mug during this project makes it even more fun!

Place the hats on their sides while the teeth dry for about 10 minutes.

Shark Hats on sides
Pink Shark Hat= AMAZING!
Shark Hat bent teeth
Once the teeth are dry in place, bend them forward
Shark Hat Beauty
I placed them on a table and let our guests choose their sharks
Shark Hat w Cake
Totally Jawsome!
Add shark cake and candles
Add shark cake and candles for a totally amazing shark party finale!

Happy Shark Week! Happy Birthday Keith! Xoxo

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