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Spring Cookie Decorating

After our Valentine Cookie Decorating Workshop came to an end, I was sad to hear that the Art School at Flemington was closing. The economy has been brutal and I’m so sad to see the arts and it’s amazing teachers taking such a big hit. In the true spirit of entrepreneurship Laura told me not to worry and that she is determined to come back with a new exciting venture- she is so talented I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next!

Me with Marge and Laura at The Art Studio Flemington
Me with Marge and Laura at The Art Studio Flemington

I took a few months off from cookie workshops to re visit the workshop process and find a new space to host them. One evening, over a happy hour margarita at one of my favorite local restaurants I had a brainstorm and approached the owner of that restaurant, my friend and long time client, Gina Avoletta, about hosting a once a month cookie workshop at the very place I was enjoying- City Bistro in Hoboken, NJ!

Gina, sister to John and Frank Avoletta, is part of Hoboken “restaurant royalty”. The Avoletta family has two successful “hot spot” restaurants in Hoboken and are on the cusp of opening their third. I have been lucky enough to be their graphic designer all these years designing their restaurant icons, menus and marketing postcards. As a self proclaimed foodie- these have always been exciting projects and I have enjoyed every one (before and after!). City Bistro was their first venture and it will always be a special place to me- I’ll never forget the first time I saw my logo design there “in lights”.

City Bistro front elevation w logo
Its hard to believe City Bistro opened 11 years ago!

Gina suggested the 2nd floor at “Bistro” (as we call it for short) for workshops and I totally agreed! It’s spacious and bright and its sunny yellow walls are accented by sparkly chandeliers and sunflowers (my fave)… I could not feel more at home there!

Me at demo table
Cookie workshop table set in the upstairs dining room at City Bistro
Cookies await icing
"Naked" cookies patiently await icing and candy embellishments!

We had a smaller group for this workshop and it was nice to be able to meet each person individually and sit with them to ice and chat.

DBF demo owl cookie 2
Nicole and Yve can hardly wait to start their owls!

Their cookies turned out fabulously- just look at their spring owls! Bright colors, bold expressions- amazing!

Owls dry on plates
Whoooooo, us?
Marcela is pleased with her new feathered friend!
Marcela is pleased with her new feathered friend!

Next up- a Sweet Dani Bee! (One of my faves, obviously)

Sandra's owl and bee
Sandra's green bee... Bee-utiful!

Butterflies were voted next up and I cautioned everyone about this cookie- it’s fragile- but the over-sized wings really lend itself to so many different designs. I demoed two options and everyone got really creative. Great stuff…

Marilyn butterfly
Marilyn swore she never iced cookies before but look at her butterfly!
Yve's cookies
Yve had a sunshine yellow theme going on- AMAZING work!

Last but not least, the Love Bug… She is tried and true and everybody loves her. Especially the lovely Izzy who covered hers in mini marshmallow dots- now THAT is SWEET!

Izzy and love bugs
Izzy (best name ever!) and her love bugs

If all goes according to plan we will hold a workshop at City Bistro each month. Our “Cookies for Dad” workshop will be coming up next featuring four amazing cookies to ice and gift to all the Dad’s in your life. In addition, we’ll have a Father’s Day Sweets Bake Sale Table, and a custom ‘Happy Dad Day!’ card station. Save the date for June 18th! Hope to see you there!

xoxo Dani

PS. Thanks to my bff, Tamara of Angel Dog Designs for helping out at the workshop, taking lots of great photos and for sharing Mel’s treats with us!

mels cookies
Mel's All Natural Peanut Butter Bone Treats are now for sale on Etsy!

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