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Do-It-Yourself: Trees as Party Centerpieces for Any Occasion

Event Styling: Tree Decorating Isn’t Just for Winter Holidays

Today we are going to cover one of our favorite ideas for centerpiece decorations – the “tree”.  A tree?  Yes! with a little planning and prep time, tree centerpieces are super sweet, whimsical and a great conversation piece. This is particularly fun if you use the trees to hang custom cookies, party favors or message cards.  The added bonus is at the end of the party, everyone un-decorates the trees and takes the ornaments home as favors.  Investing in a handful of trees is a great idea because you can use them year-round, and showcase all of them at Christmas time!

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How-to Video on Preparing Custom Cookies for Tree

Matching Centerpieces to Party Themes

For many people, the centerpiece for their tables is usually the most difficult to match to a theme.  Flowers tend to be the go-to decoration (for adult parties), but unless you really know how to arrange them, the tables don’t look finished and paying for a florist can be expensive.  Balloons work (for birthday and kid parties), but getting a large number of them into a small car is never fun.  I can’t tell you how many we’ve popped in transit!

Once you have decided on a theme, you can easily find matching cookie cutters and use them as your template for baking cookies, creating message cards (out of card stock), and even as the decoration (and party favor) themselves!

Ideas for Tree Table Centerpieces

1.  Feather Trees for Centerpiece Decorating

White Feather Tree with Leaping Ballerina
White Feather Tree with Leaping Ballerina

Our obsession with feather trees has grown over the years so Dani tends to keep an eye out for them.  “Google search” feather trees and you’ll see dozens of choices.  Be careful with the size – make sure they will be big enough to hold your cookies and that they have a sturdy base.  One of our favorite feather trees is the Grandin Road tree which we feature in our How-To Decorate Cookies video segment.

2.  Branches for Centerpiece Decorating – Cookies & Message Cards

Sweet Dani B Custom Cookie Trees Made from Branches
Custom Cookie Trees Made from Branches

You can go to a local florist, Pier 1 Import, or (if in New York) the flower district to buy branches like these.  They just have to be sturdy enough to hold your ornaments.  You have nothing to worry about if you plan to hang message cards from them.

Tips for Hanging Custom Cookies

To secure your branches use marbles, floral foam, or styrofoam.  Marbles are great because they add weight, but are the more expensive option.  If you balance the branches and the cookies or ornaments well, you shouldn’t have too many problems. The key is to test the tree with the exact number of ornaments days before your event.  We recommend you search Amazon for best retail prices and other vase ideas (search: floral arrangement supplies).

Sweet Dani B Event Styling Wishing Tree
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Message Card Ideas

You can match cookies to message cards by using your cookie cutter to outline the shape of your card.  Hang cards for:

  • Place Card Tree | Table Number Display
  • Special message to guests
  • Hang blank cards so that guests can write/hang messages for the guest of honor
  • Pictures related to the event; use craft scissors to give it a special flare!

3.  Cupcake “Tree” Towers

Sweet Dani B Event Styling

While these aren’t exactly trees, setting up a cupcake tower is beautiful and the shape reminds us of a pine tree. Choose one color frosting per table, and add a miniature custom cookie to the top cupcake!  We love miniature cup cakes, and you can buy them by the dozen at the supermarket.  Make your own icing colors to match your theme.

More cupcake centerpiece decorating ideas:

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