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A Double Ballerina Birthday

We had been hoping to collaborate for some time, so when Carrie Spindler from GoodieBox Bake Shop- AKA: our favorite “cupcake lady”- invited me to work on a twin ballerina themed birthday party with her, I pirouetted at the chance! It had been a while since I worked on a really good ‘n’ girly party and ballerinas and pink (my fave) seem to go hand in hand!

The party was held at Liberty House in Jersey City, NJ which is a gorgeous venue on Liberty State Park that boasts exceptional views from all its spaces.

SDB Ballerina with view
"Wow! This IS some view!"

When Carrie and I discussed centerpieces, cookie trees immediately came to mind! They are super sweet, whimsical and a great conversation piece. The added bonus is at the end of the party, everyone un-decorates the trees and takes the cookie ornaments home as favors. My obsession with feather trees has grown over the years so I happened to have just the perfect pink and white ones to work with this theme. I was so excited to learn that my favorite cookie cutter source, sells a set of ballerina cutters in 3 different poses. AMAZING! The ballerina, heart, and star cookies were all baked as ornaments (small holes punched into the chilled dough before baking) so we could hang them from the trees.

Pink Feather Tree with Ballerina in 3rd Position
Pink Feather Tree with Ballerina Topper in "3rd or 4th Position" (depending on who you ask)
White Feather Tree with Leaping Ballerina
White Feather Tree with Ballerina in a classic kick pose
Split ballerina topper
This ballerina is leaping for joy as Carrie sets up the cupcake tower in the background
Fairy Dust
During the setup some glitter from the trees and sugar from the cookies ended up on the table- it looked just like fairy dust!

Being a birthday cake expert, Carrie loves the idea of custom party hats. I offered to take this project on selecting paper and punches from Martha Stewart’s craft line. Party hats are actually a lot more work than I expected- but I was so pleased with the way they turned out.

SDB Custom Party Hats with Princess Birthday Crown punches
Custom Party Hats made with patterned paper, feathers and princess birthday crown punches

The cake table was our big collaboration and we were so excited about it. Carrie designed a tower of mini cupcakes with a ribbon iced pink cake at the tower top.

Carrie starts to build the cupcake tower...
Carrie starts to build the cupcake tower...
SDB samples a cupcake
...while I sample the merchandise! 🙂 YUM.

I provided “dancing” ballerina cake toppers and a few accent cookies.

SDB Dancing Ballerina Cake Toppers
Dancing Twin Ballerina Cake Toppers

We also dressed the table with a “Happy Birthday Shareen & Sameera” banner- a simple little sign of circles and ribbon that added a tons of whimsy and festiveness to the table.

Finishing touches SDB and Goodie Box Cake Table
Here's the fabulous cake table! (I love the ribbon icing technique Carrie used on the cake!)

We were finishing the last touches when Shareen & Sameera and their lovely parents entered the room… They were very pleased with everything- who wouldn’t be happy with a whimsical pink and white room filled with cookies and sweets!

Ballerina Room at Liberty House
A dozen pink & white balloons identify the head table

Oh and did I mention the view? 🙂

Feather cookie tree view
This cookie tree seems to be admiring the view as well!

My next SWEET collaboration with Carrie? …taking the dessert table world by storm! Woohoo!

Dani & Carrie
Life is sweet! xo

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