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Words of Wisdom: Year 38

My little post it "Amazing Sign" hanging on our apartment door

Last week I got hired to work on “Martha’s Eggcellent Easter” special (premiering April 16th). It was really nice to be back for a few days of styling work and catch up with my co workers. After visiting the craft room one day, I noticed a new sign hanging on the exit door that reads “Everything is going to be AMAZING!”

I love the word “amazing” and probably use it way too much because technically not everything I think is amazing is amazing by definition. I am a positive, glass-is-half-full person and I know to some it could be annoying, but to others (or so I have been told) it is refreshing. Anyway, I can’t even tell you how excited and happy I was to see that sign. It’s placement on the way out the door, when I was carrying a huge stack of fragile plates back to the studio after a long day could not have been more perfect.

Proff Figgy with amazing sign
Martha Show crafter, "Professor Figgy" was responsible for hanging the amazing- amazing sign!

Every year on our birthdays, my Mom asks the birthday boy or girl to share their “words of wisdom” with everyone. This year when I was asked I told them about the “amazing sign” because I could not stop thinking about how such a simple little note like that on my way out the door made me so happy. I promised to make everyone a sign for their exit doors and today, on my actual day birthday, made one for myself. Someday I might fancy this one up, but what it looks like is not really what matters… its the message and how it makes you feel… and isn’t that AMAZING?

Please make yourself one and let me know what you think! All good things!

xoxo Dani


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  • I have been repeating it to myself (and others) for the past few weeks as well….I was looking on etsy to buy a sign…never thought of just making myself one!!! Hope your birthday was “amazing”!

  • I think it’s AMAZING that this AMAZING blog post went up on your birthday! You know what I mean! 😉 SO proud to have you as a friend… and TX for sharing the LOVE LOVE LOVE with that cake. I need a little extra sweetness with my honey away. I can’t wait to see the “dolled” up sign someday. Lucas could use one for his door!

  • that’s crazy timing! my boss sent a jpg with that saying last week in hopes we could make it a quotable card! if we do you’ll be the first person i send it to, for you birthday next year!