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What cookie recipe should I use?

Martha Stewart has a yummy sugar cookie recipe available in her COOKIE book or on her website. Look for Sweet Dani B’s “secret” sugar cookie recipe coming soon!  Sign up for our newsletter so that you can be the first to know when we announce it!

Where do you get your cookie cutters?

On February 4th we proudly announced that we are working with Coppergifts.com to create our own line of cutters.  Our first design, the Sweet Dani B Owl Cookie Cutter is already available!  They have fabulous and unique cookie cutters as well as gel colors to color your royal icing, sanding sugars, candy hearts etc…  Tell Beth I sent you!

Oh, and we are particularly proud that all of their work is done by Beth and her husband right here in the USA!

Where do you get cookie icing coloring?

You can buy gel colors to add to your royal icing locally at any baking supply store or Micheal’s Craft supply.  We love our friends at CopperGifts.com, so if you are buying online we recommend them.

Where do you get meringue powder ?

Meringue powder  can be found at any baking supply store or at Micheal’s.  Also a call out for Cake and Bake because they sell bulk jars!

I see that you use the same icing to outline and flood. Do you ever add extra detailing after the cookie dries? If so what icing type do you use?

I use royal icing for most decorating. Sometimes if I’m making a fine line- like for hair on a person cookie- I’ll mix the icing a little thicker so it doesn’t spread.  Another fun alternate are the food doodler markers which are markers with food coloring ink. Martha and I used them to write out our Valentine Cookies on the show.  I used them on this cookie to write Nomi and Dan’s names ‘graffiti style’.

Baking Tips – Food Doodler Markers


I used your Royal Icing recipe and bottles from your kit.  After a few passes it lumped in the tip.  Any tips??

It sounds like you still may have had some lumps in your icing from the meringue powder or the confectioner’s sugar. Be sure to sift your sugar and mix thoroughly with the hand mixer, especially after scraping down the sides.  When you get a lump caught in the tip it is good to try to open the bottle sideways with the icing still in the tip (could be messy but if you open it quick, it works). Using a toothpick you should be able to find the lump in the tip and remove it.

How long does Royal Icing Recipe typically last in the fridge?

Royal Icing typically lasts about one week when refrigerated.  It will separate, and might thin out. If so, add 1 tbsp of 10x sugar and re mix with mixer before using.